Can’t believe it’s been four months since I’ve been on here.

Jaysus. In those four months I’ve got a job, a fiancée and a baby on the way who I’m adamant is having House as a middle name if it’s a boy. And House if it’s a girl. And House if it’s a kitten shaped cobra cause who actually knows what comes out of them yokes… 

Guess I’m an adult now, who the fuck knows. 

Do miss the Tumblr times tho. I’ll pop my head in every now and again if I ever find a show that’s as class as House is. 

carachameleon replied to your post: I feel so out of sorts, I’m like one of them…

Jay! Just develop a new obsession until house returns (right there with, Wilson has made a miraculous recovery and now they are hiding out/having epic adventures/adopting kittens somewhere until season 9)

LOVER! I have found one, and it’s Castle. I bleed it these days. And lmao, clearly you’re spot on with that one. Sarah Cat the second, third and twenty fifth enchant their adventures. They have puddy tats ranging in names from Keith Richards to Sprinkles Fairy Dust MRI.